Airspace Lab is cutting-edge software for visualising OLS and PANS-OPS maps, making it easier than ever before to ensure that permanent and temporary objects erected in the airspace surrounding an aerodrome are safe and meet regulatory standards. This is why Airspace Lab is the perfect tool for saving hours of time performing complex calculations for developers, airport operators and engineers in the aviation industry.


L33T is holistic enterprise resource management software, for bringing your whole business into one place. L33T automatically collects, compiles and completes all of your critical business processes in seconds. With modules for Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Operations, Integrated Management Systems and Legal Compliance, L33T gives you less time on administration and more time to help your business do what it does best.

Lab 55000 takes all the stress out of stress testing. Developed by Engineers who have spent tens of thousands of hours designing hundreds of infrastructure assets all over Australia,  Lab 55000 is designed to simplify the regular testing, verification and management which comes with managing an Infrastructure asset with hundreds of components which all decay at different rates. Lab 55000 is the golden standard for collating, analysing and visualising all individual components of large and small infrastructure assets so, owners can act on the information in real time, extending the operate and maintain portion of every asset life-cycle.

AeroWash is industry leading software for modelling rotor downwash for helicopters and drones, improving safety in public and private landing areas where excessive downwash may be hazardous to people or objects. With Aerowash, predicting downwash patterns for drones and helicopters in rural or urban areas is made simpler than ever before.


EngiFlow takes all the hassle out of complex workflow management for projects in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and manufacturing industries. Designed by engineers for engineers, EngiFlow means that reviewing, saving and approving building forms from the office or on site has never been easier. Keep your clients in the loop, manage your project information and just go with the EngiFlow.